Shoeing for Western Horses


Tips from the Pros


Shoeing the Roping Horse

By Michael Chance, CJF

There are as many ways to shoe roping horses as there are horses. Each one is unique, with its own strengths and weaknesses. A sound horse with good conformation, in a desirable environment, would do well barefoot. Yet this scenario is rare. Their riders each have their own set of priorities, skill levels, and schedules to factor in. Because of all these variables, each horse should be assessed as a unique individual. Communication and observation skills are essential in determining how best to shoe each horse in order that he may perform at his peak within his environment. [more]


Four Hit Hind Shoe

An efficient way to turn generic or front patterns into a nice squared hind pattern with a minimum of effort. [more]


Maximizing the Slide of a Reining Horse

By Dave Farley

There are a number of variables that affect the performance of the reining horse. Breeding, conformation, mental attitude, footing, rider’s skill level and shoeing all have an impact. The best bred reiners have a natural ability for good lateral movement and sliding stops. Their conformation includes strong hind quarters and straight hind limbs (viewed from front or hind), with powerful shoulders to enhance turning ability. As a rule, the farrier cannot control any of the variables except the shoeing. [more]