Shoeing for Western Horses

Best Shoes for
Western Pleasure Riding

Kerckhaert Standard Lite

The lighter version of the Standard shoe is used when the foot is small, horse is light and/or the terrain is not rocky or so abrasive that it requires more steel to get desired wear and protection. Very typical in southeastern, southern and other environments where soil is not rocky.



  • Same quality as Standard Series shoe
  • A lighter version with 18x7 steel size
  • One shape pattern and V-shaped crease. Fuller toe
  • Inside bevel
  • Slight taper to heel area
  • An attractive, economical series for horses that require a lighter shoe




One Shape - Unclipped - 000, 00, 0, 1 (all 18x7)


Complimentary Nails

  • 4-1/2 Regular
  • 5 Race
  • 5 City
  • 5 Slim
    *depends on size