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Ranger Lite Rim

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The Ranger Lite Rim is an excellent shoe for activities that require more traction than a flat shoe. A very popular style for rodeo event horses and general trail use. With a higher grade of steel for better wear and v-crease for better fit, this shoe provides the perfect solution for farriers who want the best results at a competitive price. This shoe features sole relief, excellent nail hole placement (including the heel nail) and a crisp rim for better traction.


  • Sole Relief
  • V-Crease
  • Crisp rim for better traction
  • Excellent nail hole placement, including the heel nail
  • Generic shape for front or hind
  • Easily shaped, hot or cold
  • High quality steel for better wear
  • Competitively priced
  • Punched for City or Slim nails




One Shape – Unclipped – 00, 0

Complimentary Nails

  • Best Brands: Liberty, Vector
    • City Nails
    • Slim Nails