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Trimming Tips


The Cannon Bone as a Reference

by Dave Farley, CJF

Understanding the basics of these reference points will help develop your eye so you can help your horses achieve better health through better balance. Seldom will you find a horse that has perfect conformation and we do not imply that you should strive to "correct" a mature horse with faulty conformation. We do feel a farrier can help any conformation, good or bad, by trimming and shoeing to complement the conformation. [more]


Shoeing for Form, Function and No Pressure

By Doug Workman, CJF

This is a show Hunter that has just finished a long show season.  He has come into my life for a little light training and to let mind, body and feet have a much needed break.  The life of a show horse being what it is, the farriers that work on them during the show season really have their hands full keeping these horses showing and sound.  The fact that the horses have limited turnout, two to three baths a day and a variety of footing to deal with makes keeping them sound a tough job. My hat is off to these farriers.  [more]