Shoeing for Standardbred Race Horses

Best shoes for the Job

Kerckhaert Flat Steel (TNC)

Flat Steel TNC

These shoes are a typical choice to train horses down in (lower time). They are mainly used on the back feet of both Trotters and Pacers. It is also an option for red clay track surfaces. The fullering in the branches gives a little extra traction advantage over a flat shoe that only has nail holes.


  • Kerckhaert TNC series has been used for many years in the trotting market
  • Made with a very tough material
  • This flat shoe has creases that are easily
    fit and used for the typical Standardbred race horse
  • Helps with the challenge of gaiting the young horse, as well as fitting the needs
    of aged horses



Hind (14x5) - Unclipped - 000, 00, 0, 1, 2

Hind (16x6) - Unclipped - 1, 2

Front (18x6) - Unclipped - 1, 2


Complimentary Nails

  • 4-1/2 Race
  • 5 Race